Is Microdermabrasion the Procedure for You?

Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic treatment that has helped patients in the Irvine, California community and across the country achieve certain cosmetic and skin care goals. Cosmetic concerns may be troubling for many individuals, but the relative invasiveness of other procedures compared to microdermabrasion may cause them to procrastinate or avoid cosmetic treatment. Microdermabrasion requires virtually no downtime and is associated with just minimal discomfort during treatment. It is important for the patient to discuss whether they are a good candidate for this procedure, of course.

This procedure, while not scientifically proven to improve the skin's appearance, has been noted to make the skin feel smoother with some patients remarking how their makeup goes on much more smoothly after the procedure. This procedure is referred to by some as the 'lunchtime procedure' because it is quick, has virtually no recovery period and can be performed on a break from work. Microdermabrasion may be used to provide relief from acne, uneven skin color or texture, and for general rejuvenation of the facial skin.

The method by which microdermabrasion is performed involves aluminum oxide crystals that are sprayed at the skin and them immediately sucked up using a suction device. There are newer devices that do not use crystals. The procedure is safe on any skin color or type.

Some may classify microdermabrasion as a very superficial version of dermabrasion, while others describe it as an exfoliation. The procedure may cause mild discomfort, which some describe as having an emery board scraped across the skin. Others describe the procedure as similar to a facial massage. The procedure takes about 10 to 30 minutes to perform depending on the area being treated. About five to nine treatments, which are spaced about a week apart, are required for optimal results, although this may vary. A maintenance program may then be used to maintain the results of the treatment.

Results from microdermabrasion may last a few months, although his varies as well and it is important for patients to consult a medical professional in the Irvine area to determine whether this procedure is right for them and how long the results of the treatment may last. This procedure is safe, although some may experience mild discomfort during treatment and facial redness for about an hour after the procedure is performed. Patients may return to work immediately if they do not mind the facial redness. There is no recovery time required following this treatment.

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