Possible Side Effects of BOTOX

Dynamic wrinkles may be troubling for those in Kirkland, Washington as well as in other parts of the country. Many patients feel embarrassed by the wrinkles, which appear when a facial expression is made. Examples of these wrinkles include crow's feet around the eyes, glabellar lines between the eyebrows, and worry lines on the forehead. Those experiencing these wrinkles who would like to get rid of them should consult with a specialist in their area. BOTOX® is a very common procedure for relieving these wrinkles, and many patients have already heard of it before. Few truly understand how it works, though, and many are not fully aware of its possible side effects.

The injectable treatment works to paralyze the underlying muscle that causes the wrinkle to form. A purified Botulinum toxin type A is used to block the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscle, which keeps the muscle from contracting. With the muscle unable to contract, the wrinkle is unable to form. Gradually, the wrinkle will diminish. Note that static wrinkles should be treated with another treatment such as dermal fillers. Static wrinkles are those that appear when the face is at rest and no facial expression is made.

Most BOTOX® treatments are used on wrinkles that appear in the upper third of the face, although many specialists use the treatment to treat other areas as well such as other parts of the face and neck. It's also been used to treat patients with migraine headaches, as well as those with excessive underarm sweating. If you're interested in this treatment for something other than treating dynamic wrinkles, make sure you inform the specialist. 

As with just about any medical procedure, there are certain possible side effects of which patients should be aware before undergoing treatment. These may include headache, respiratory infection, flu-like symptoms, and temporary eyelid droop. Nausea may be present, too. Some of the more rare side effects include pain in the face, injection site redness, and weakness of the muscles. 

Those who have a known allergy to ingredients of BOTOX® should not undergo treatment. What's more, those with neuromuscular disorders may be put at an increased risk of serious systemic effects from a typical dose of the injectable treatment. Make sure you discuss this with a physician in the Kirkland area before receiving treatment. Reveal any medical issues or any medications that you're currently taking before undergoing the procedure.

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