Reducing Dynamic Wrinkles Through Dysport

Individuals in the Atlanta, Georgia area who are experiencing dynamic wrinkles—which are wrinkles that form when a facial expression is made—often seek relief through various injectable treatments. Dynamic wrinkles form as a muscle in the face contracts when smiling, frowning, etc. Examples of common dynamic wrinkles include crow's feet, glabellar lines and worry lines. Dysport is an injectable treatment that works by paralyzing the underlying muscle causing a dynamic wrinkle to form. With the muscle no longer able to contract, the wrinkle is no longer able to form.

The treatment blocks nerve impulses directing muscles to contract, preventing the facial lines from forming. The results may be apparent soon after the procedure, but the effects of the treatment should begin to become more evident in the days following treatment as the muscles begin to relax. Injections with Dysport are made directly into the muscle. Each session takes about 10 to 20 minutes to complete and about three to five injections are required in each treatment area to achieve optimal results, although this may vary. Some patients may experience slight discomfort with Dysport and topical anesthetic may be used to numb the treatment area before treatment.

As with just about any procedure, there are certain side effects of which patients should be aware. Side effects are typically minimal, but some patients may experience slight bruising or swelling at the injection site. Some may also experience minor temporary discomfort. Some may also experience headache following the procedure. Rarely, some individuals may experience eyelid drooping known as ptosis. This condition should resolve within a few days or up to four weeks. Some may even experience flu-like symptoms or rash. Those who experience side effects should inform their doctor.

Dysport may last a month or two longer than BOTOX® according to some reports. The results typically last about five to eight months for most patients. Some have also reported that this treatment spreads more easily than BOTOX®, meaning it disperses more evenly in the treatment areas. Faster results have also been reported. Repeated sessions of Dysport may prolong the effects of the treatment. Patients who are interested in this treatment are encouraged to consult a specialist in the Atlanta area to go over their goals expectations for treatment. Patients should also discuss possible treatment options to determine which injectable treatment may be right for them, as many clinics offer multiple treatment options.

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