What is Velashape?

Those in Hoffman Estates, Illinois who are experiencing cellulite may seek treatments to overcome this often embarrassing condition. The dimply, orange peel appearance of cellulite may lead many to feel self-conscious and may even affect their behavior in such a way that they are embarrassed to wear shorts or go to the beach or the pool out of fear of others seeing their cellulite. Thankfully, however, there are treatments now available to help individuals reduce the appearance of cellulite. Velashape is one such treatment. This procedure uses an FDA approved device that uses bipolar radiofrequency energy to reduce the size of the fat cells, and also utilizes infrared heat to tighten the skin in the area. The device helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite and also reduce the circumference of the thigh.

Before undergoing this or any other treatment or procedure, it is important that patients speak with a professional in the Hoffman Estates area to determine if the procedure is right for them. Velashape may help those who have dimpled skin or cellulite, as well as isolated pockets of fat. The treatment may be used on many body parts, making it a versatile treatment. Treating the abdomen, upper thigh or hips may be helpful in reducing a pant size, while others may choose to target cellulite on the back of the legs in which case the treatment may be performed in an isolated or customized area. Velashape may also help to treat double chins and may provide tighter arms as well. Other uses for this procedure include treating bra lines, love handles and saddlebags.

Results may begin to appear after about four treatments, although many advise undergoing six treatment sessions over a six week period initially. Maintenance treatments may be necessary in the future, but those who make the proper lifestyle changes may reduce the need for maintenance treatments. Maintaining a healthy diet and regularly exercising may be helpful steps. Those who lead an inactive lifestyle may require monthly maintenance treatments to maintain results of the procedure.

During the procedure, many report Velashape feels like deep heat and massage. The Velashape device lifts tissue using suction and vacuum and targets the tissue using infrared and bipolar radiofrequency energy to reduce the volume of the fat cells and to tighten the skin. Some may even find that the procedure may be relaxing. The procedure is not a cure for cellulite, as there is presently no cure for the condition. It does show to be a quick method of improving the appearance of the condition, however. The fact that it is non-invasive makes it an even more attractive prospect for many experiencing cellulite.

Patients should consult a physician regarding possible side effects. Side effects of Velashape may include some mild bruising, although this is temporary. Those who are on anti-coagulants should not undergo treatment, as Velashape may increase blood flow to the area. Others may experience temporary redness and increased heat, although this disappear in about an hour in most cases.

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