Cosmetic Uses for Photodynamic Therapy

Individuals in the Melbourne, Florida community as well as in other parts of the country may find photodynamic therapy an effective treatment against various cosmetic concerns such as wrinkles, discoloration, visible veins or even acne. It may also be used for photo-rejuvenation to help individuals achieve a more youthful appearance. This procedure combines a drug, which is called the photosensitizer, and a special light source. The photosensitizer is absorbed by certain types of skin cells, and when exposed to the light source, it destroys these cells. It was first developed for the treatment of skin cancers, but has been used to help treat various cosmetic concerns more recently.

The photosensitizer are absorbed by rapidly growing cells, oil glands and other skin structures and when exposed to the light source, these cells and skin structures are destroyed by the reaction it causes. Patients may see improvement in wrinkles, age spots and visible veins following photodynamic therapy. This procedure is less destructive than many laser procedures or peels, and is also less painful in many cases. There is minimal recovery time associated with this treatment as well.

There are different methods of this procedure that are used; for instance, physicians may use blue light, red light or intense pulse light. The physician will apply the photosensitizer to the skin and leave it on for a certain period of time, then the skin is exposed to the light source and the photosensitizer is removed. Possible side effects include transient burning, stinging, swelling and redness. Long-term side effects have not yet been fully studied, as photodynamic therapy for cosmetic improvement is still a new treatment.

The main disadvantage of this procedure is that it is still new and long-term side effects are not yet known. What's more, the benefits of the procedure as they pertain to cosmetic improvement are not yet well-studied. It is not yet fully known how long the benefits of this procedure will last. It is important to discuss this treatment option with a trained physician in the Melbourne area to go over possible risks, benefits and alternative treatment options to make sure you understand the procedure and are aware of all possible treatment options available to help achieve your goals.

The cost of treatment may range from $550 to $800, although this is variable depending on the clinic at which one chooses to receive treatment.

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