Purpose of Dermabrasion Treatment

Dermabrasion is a procedure that has helped individuals in Beverly Hills, California or other parts of the country overcome a number of troubling cosmetic and skin concerns. The procedure has several uses, and may be an applicable option for many patients who are unhappy with the signs of aging and other skin problems that may become evident over the years. The treatment has also been used to provide relief from acne scars and those resulting from chicken pox, among other uses. Individuals will consult with their cosmetic specialist to help them figure out whether dermabrasion is an applicable treatment for them, or if other options may provide more effective results.

This treatment option has been used to help patients reduce wrinkles, fine lines, acne scarring, pigmentation problems, and has even been used as a method for removing or reducing the appearance of an unwanted tattoo. Many also use the procedure to resurface their skin to make it smoother and to provide a more even complexion. Dermabrasion accomplishes this by using an abrasive brush or material that removes the top layer of the skin to lessen the appearance of certain blemishes and to provide smoother skin after healing.

The dermabrasion procedure may be performed under sedation with a local anesthetic, while in some cases a general anesthetic may be used. Expect the medical professional who performs the procedure to prepare the skin by cleansing it with an antiseptic and then apply whatever anesthesia or sedative is being used. A handheld rotary tool, which is motorized, is used that has an abrasive brush or contains other abrasive material. The device is then applied to the skin to remove the top layers. This helps to lessen indentations and promotes new skin growth that may lessen the appearance of cosmetic blemishes like wrinkles, pigmentation issues, and more.

The recovery period consists of an abraded feeling on the skin for the first several days, and swelling and scabbing is very likely. The swelling should go down on its own, and any scabbing should begin to fade away and come off. It is not uncommon to be provided an antibiotic to guard against infection while the skin is healing and is exposed. You may notice that the skin appears a light red or pink color for the next several weeks as the natural color comes back and full effects of the procedure become more and more evident. Your cosmetic specialist will explain further recovery instructions to ensure safe healing, such as avoiding sun exposure and activities such as shaving that may irritate the skin.

Before you ever receive dermabrasion treatment, though, you will discuss whether it is an appropriate treatment for you with your Beverly Hills cosmetic specialist. Most ideal candidates are in good overall health and have not recently experienced sunburn, radiation treatment, and who have not gone through a chemical peel. What's more, patients should be free of acne. Individuals with lighter skin may be considered better candidates, although the procedure has helped others with darker skin tones as well. Patients who work outside may have difficulty avoiding the sun, and thus may jeopardize ideal healing. Patients who have taken Accutane in the last year and a half or who have a history of cold sores may not be considered ideal candidates.

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