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Laser Hair Removal Questions

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Is laser hair removal safe if you have autoimmune problems and over dark moles?
Laser Hair Removal -1 answer
I have fair skin and dark course hair. I'm about to have laser hair removal-cutera coolglide. I was diagnosed w/ Behcets, but now the doctor says not sure. I have HLA-B27 and positive ANAs, I've had knee surge... Read more
Which laser is best for permanent removal on type I skin?
Laser Hair Removal -1 answer
I have type I skin, red hair but dark and very coarse beard. I want to permanently remove facial hair to avoid ingrowns. Which type of laser is recommended in this case? How does the hormonal factor of male ... Read more
How effective is laser hair removal on a 14 year old?
Laser Hair Removal -1 answer
My daughter is 14 years old and has been scheduled for laser hair removal on her upper lip, stomach, and bikini (possibly Brazilian). How effective is laser hair removal for a person her age? Would the treatmen... Read more
With laser hair removal will dark spots be removed as well?
Laser Hair Removal -1 answer
Will the dark spots go away? And does the hair never grow back once you get the treatment? Read more
Can laser hair removal treatment on the face cause more hair, red scars, acne and pimples as its side effect?
Laser Hair Removal -1 answer
I am suffering from PCOD and already have few acne and red scars (inflammation) on my face. I am planning to go for laser hair reduction treatment using diode technology, but want to know what the side effects ... Read more
Is it safe to have laser hair removal if you have a factor V Leiden mutation?
Laser Hair Removal -1 answer
I have been diagnosed with factor v Leiden (homozygous), is it OK and safe to have laser hair removal? Read more

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