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What is the difference between IPL treatment and Cynosure?
FotoFacial/IPL Treatments - 2 weeks ago5 answers
I would like to find the best solution for the brown sun spots on my face. It would be nice if the wrinkles go away too.
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Is it a good idea to get a massage before botox injections?
BOTOX - 1 month ago4 answers
I receive botox injections for migraines and are very painful in the neck and shoulders the day of and many days after injections. Is it a good idea to get a massage before the injections or do you think that doesn't matter?
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How are facial veins treated?
Facial - 1 month ago4 answers
I have a few prominent veins along my forehead and nose that I would like to get treated. What procedures are available to rid these facial veins?
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I have an unsightly median cubital vein that has been damaged from an IV during two surgeries. Is it ok to do sclerotheropy on that vein?
Foam Sclerotherapy - 1 month ago1 answer
I do not want to completely shut the vein down, just enough to get it to look like normal again. Is this something you have done? It has really been bothering me lately, especially when I am hot and it swells more.
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How many laser hair removal sessions are needed on average?
Facial - 1 month ago6 answers
I don't have a dense growth of hair on my chin and upper lip. Given this, is it possible to achieve hair removal in as little as 3 sessions?
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I have cellulite along my inner and outer thighs. What can be done about this?
Laser Liposuction - 2 months ago1 answer
Which procedures work best on cellulite along the inner and outer thighs?
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I don't have wrinkles, but do have signs of aging. What can I do about it?
Skin Care & Cosmetic Products - 2 months ago8 answers
I don't have wrinkles, but I do have some signs of aging (i.e. dark circles under the eyes, slight folds around the nose, lackluster skin and sunkeness around the eyes). I don't want to have any major procedures, so can you recommend some at-home treatments or noninvasive treatments like chemical peels?
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I have psoriasis. What is the best form of treatment for this condition?
FotoFacial/IPL Treatments - 2 months ago3 answers
I have psoriasis, which has caused scaly patches on my scalp and body. I also have a lot of flaky, dry skin and my nails are very hard and misshaped. What's the best form of treatment?
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Can Cosmelan be performed on patients taking Tamoxifen?
Cosmelan - 3 months ago1 answer
A patient on Tamoxifen presented in my clinic asking for a Cosmelan peel. She is following up with an oncologist every 6 months. Should I do the peel on her?
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On average, how much does a unit of Botox cost?
BOTOX - 4 months ago1 answer
I'm coming to San Miguel de Allende and would like to have Botox and fillers there. But if the price is the same as in Florida, I can have it here.
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How often should i exfoliate my skin?
Microdermabrasion - 4 months ago2 answers
I would like to try microdermabrasion but do not want to over do it.
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