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How can I get a flatter tummy without a tummy tuck?
General - 5 months ago1 answer
I had a child a little over a year ago. While I've lost all but 8 lbs of the weight, my tummy area is still flabby. The muscles and the skin were stretched so much that they have not gone back to their pre-pregnancy state. I want a flatter tummy but don't want anything as invasive as a tummy tuck. What's a non-invasive alternative?
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I have 4 red and raised lines 1 day after Restylane Silk in my forehead. Will this resolve?
Dermal Fillers - 9 months ago1 answer
I have four red and raised lines across my forehead after being injected with Restylane Silk. I was told that I would have no downtime and immediate results, so I didn't expect this complication. Is this normal 1 day after the procedure? The red lines still looked raised and swollen with makeup.
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Where should Juvederm be placed for marionette lines?
JUVEDERM® - 11 months ago1 answer
I have had Juvederm and other fillers and I don't think the injections are being placed properly.
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I have mild welts after a fotofacial. Is this normal?
FotoFacial/IPL Treatments - 11 months ago1 answer
I've had many fotofacials over the last 20 years. Once I had extreme itching that lasted for almost 9 months. I attribute it to the high-powered topical they applied. I usually apply my own 5% lidocaine. Today, I had a fotofacial and notice a few welts and a depression, as well as swelling under one eye. Is this quite normal?
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I have guttate psoriasis. Are there any natural remedies, such as vitamins, that could help?
Herbal Medicine - 12 months ago1 answer
I've been using triamcinolone acetonide ointment for three weeks, and my psoriasis spots keep multiplying. Why? Are there any natural remedies, like vitamins, that could help?
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Can I use Skin Tyte to slim my upper thighs, or is Coolsculpting better?
Skin Tyte - 1 year ago1 answer
I am average weight and height (5'7", 125 lbs.) but I can see little "bulges" at the very top/side of my thighs and the "lower arm" above the elbow. I am in good shape, but I would like to take care of this quickly. Will Skin Tyte work, or is Coolsculpting a better option? If neither, which procedure would you recommend? I do and have done a lot of different facial botox, fillers, laser, etc. I love the results, so I thought this might work?
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I have a lump and swelling under my eyes after having a Thread Lift and upper cheek filler. Is it due to the lift, filler, or both?
General - 1 year ago1 answer
I had a Thread Lift 3 days ago and Restylane injected into my upper cheeks 2 days ago. Now, there are huge swollen lumps under my eyes and I look super horrid. My eyes appear even smaller. Is this due to the Thread Lift, filler, or both? Should I have the filler dissolved and will that help? What advice can you give me regarding this?
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Which injectables/fillers give a more natural appearance?
General - 1 year ago1 answer
I am considering injectables/fillers for my face (e.g., under the eyes, nasolabial folds, and forehead). Which give a more natural appearance? I don't want to look fake or like I've had work done. What I really want to achieve is a more youthful appearance. I want to look like me, but my younger self.
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How can I tell if my mole is benign or not?
General - 1 year ago1 answer
I have a small mole on the inside of my cheek. I just noticed it, so I'm not sure if it has grown in size or changed shape. How can I tell if it's benign or not?
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Will QuadraLASE have an affect on my Juvederm injections?
JUVEDERM® - 1 year ago1 answer
I had Juvederm injections in February and am supposed to have QuaraLASE done this week. Will this have an affect on my Juvederm procedure?
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3 weeks after having Belotero injections the hollows under my eyes appear deeper and more noticeable. Should the doc fix it for free?
Belotero Balance - 1 year ago2 answers
The doctor who injected me was supposed to be highly qualified and charged additional cost for his expertise in injecting. He now says I need more product. At this point I am over $1000 in and am not in the position to pay more. There are before pics that clearly show the hallows are worse now. Am I wrong to expect the doctor to fix this without me spending more money? What went wrong anyway? Why are the hollows worse than before?
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