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I have two brown spots that I would like to get rid of. I have tried lotions but what treatments exist to remove them?
Facial - 1 week ago
I’ve tried removing them with bleaching and a lotion called Age3derm, which only made them darker.
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I had a sclerotherapy treatment done 2 weeks ago. Do I need to wait to have a Velashape procedure done on my thighs and, if so, how long?
Velashape - 1 month ago
I had sclerotherapy done on my left leg to treat a couple of spider veins about 2 weeks ago. There is still some minor bruising but it's almost gone. I would like to do a Velashape procedure on the back of my thighs but I'm not sure if I need to wait for my veins to heal and if I should wait then for how long??
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I still get acne flare-ups at 30 years old. What can I do to get my acne under control? Also, what is the best way to get rid of acne scars?
Acne Treatment - 2 months ago
My acne started with puberty and has never gone away. It's humiliating to be 30 yrs old with acne. My skin is so damaged that my face is covered in scars. I just want to get it under control. What are my options?
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Does extreme heat from hot yoga make fillers fade faster than normal?
Radiesse - 3 months ago
I have Juvederm and Radiesse dermal fillers. Will taking hot yoga classes cause my fillers to fade faster than normal?
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Why is my face turning red after having a VI peel?
VI Peel - 3 months ago
I am having slight redness after my VI peel. I just had it yesterday, but my face is already starting to turn slightly red. Why is this? I put sunscreen on and used the post-peel protectant 4 times, as well as the Vaseline-like lotion I was given to prevent tightness and dryness. I am a little concerned. Could it be an allergic reaction, or perhaps from the food I've been eating?
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I have tachycardia, does this disqualify me as a candidate for Lapex Laser Lipo?
Lapex Laser Lipo - 4 months ago
I would like to have Lapex Laser Lipo performed on my abdominal area but I have tachycardia. It is controlled with medications. Does my condition disqualify me as a candidate for the procedure?
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Can Botox be used to remedy an eye twitch and if so, can the injection be done without causing drooping?
BOTOX - 4 months ago
I had an eye twitch for year. Can Botox be used to remedy an eye twitch and if so, can the injection be done without causing drooping? I ask the latter because I once had a Botox injection that caused my upper lip to droop.
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Is it normal for my cheek to feel hot, swollen and sore 2 days after Juvederm injections to the tear troughs?
Dermal Fillers - 4 months ago
Is it normal for my cheek to feel hot, swollen and sore? Juvederm was injected into my tear troughs, now 2 days later the left side of my cheek is swollen, hot and brick hard! Is this normal?
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What is the best filler for volume loss around the mouth/laugh area?
Dermal Fillers - 5 months ago
I've lost volume around the laugh/month area and would like to know which filler is best for filling out this region. Which would you recommend?
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