Smoothbeam and Fair Skin Tones

Smoothbeam laser treatments use a laser to reduce acne, scarring caused from acne, or wrinkles on the face. It targets and heats the collagen in the dermis layer of skin and also protects the epidermis. Smoothbeam stimulates the body's collagen-building process. It doesn't burn, cut or remove the skin at all.

What Causes Acne?

When the skin produces too much oil, the pores on your face get clogged making this the perfect environment for bacteria to cause acne. This laser treatment shrinks the glands of the skin and also decreases the oil that is produced. The heat that is produced from the laser kills the bacteria in the tissues surrounding it.

Fair Skin Tones and Smoothbeam

Some patients have experienced side effects that are temporary and include slight discomfort. The patients’ dermatologist can numb the skin to make the experience more pleasant. Patients also experienced redness, swelling or pain that occurred after the procedure.

Patients that have fair skin tones are ideal candidates for this laser treatment because hyper-pigmentation is not likely to appear. Any patient that has fair skin may experience red, pink or purple patches on the skin after treatment. These patches will slowly fade over time.

Fair skin tone patients will experience patches on the skin, so the doctor may put a sensitizer on the area that will be treated an hour before. This will help those with severe ac,ne as it can enhance the results of the procedure.

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