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To the touch, the creases are gone but the lines are still visible on surface. will they disappear?
Dermal Fillers - 1 week ago1 answer
I had Volbella and Botox injections yesterday around my mouth.
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How do I tighten the skin around my mouth and chin?
BOTOX - 1 month ago2 answers
I'm 51 years old and I want to tighten my skin.
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I've been using Botox (for migraines) for many years. Should I expect any permanent effects on my face?
BOTOX - 1 month ago1 answer
The migraines went chronic for me about a year ago and I'm finally given up and tried Botox. What should I expect, in a few years, if I decided to stop using it? I see a lot of celebrities (particularly women) that get the same "cosmetic face," but I'm not sure whether that is from the Botox or all the surgeries they've tried. (The weird "lips too full, eyes pulled too far back, straightened eyebrows, etc.") I've read that there CAN be permanent effects from nerves being dead so long.
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I've made a lip contour with Juvederm filler 1 month ago. But I don't like the results! How can I remove the filler from my lips?
JUVEDERM - 3 months ago1 answer
I used the baneocin cream with antibiotics which help to heal up wounds for 3 weeks. No effects. Now i'm using the imoferaza cream. Hyaluronidase is the main component of this creme. No results again. What can I do?
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I am a 21-year old female and I have acne scars, marks and pimples. I want to opt for laser
Acne Treatment - 3 months ago1 answer
But I have heard that it has side effects on sensitive skin. I am really concerned, and very confused as I don't have any other option. Can you tell me if it is a safe option? If not, then what else can I do?
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It's been 7 days since my lips were done. She injected the center small circle area of inner part of top lip & it hurts, isnt that area off limits?
Lip Enhancement - 4 months ago1 answer
I had my lips done before once by a different doctor, and all went well afterwards a massage. I went to a new place and she put Restylane in but did not massage at all, and told me not to touch my lips. She then wanted to inject a small amount into the small circle on the center of the top lip under my cupid bow, and I let her. Shockingly, she injected it on the inner soft tissue of my top lip and it hurt, even though I was numb. It's been seven days and it still stings off and on and it is red.
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Can I get a body massage after getting Botox treatment for migraines? It's been about 36 hours.
BOTOX - 4 months ago1 answer
I've got horrid head pain and my shoulder muscle is extremely tight up through my neck.
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What's the difference between dermabration and microdermabration?
Dermabrasion - 7 months ago1 answer
Is one procedure better than the other for darker skinned people? Is there any new way to get rid of hyperpigmentation on darker skin?
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I did a home chemical peel and now I have dark brown spots on my face, what can I do?
Chemical Peels - 8 months ago1 answer
I'm feeling hopeless and depressed about these dark spots.
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The area above my upper lip has gotten dark, like if I had a shadow. Not with hair but just darker in color. What is this, and how can I treat it?
General - 11 months ago1 answer
I tan easily in the summer time. I'm Hispanic so I'm not sure if it has anything to do with either. I don't wax and I rarely wear makeup.
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How can I get Juvederm removed from the side of my nose?
JUVEDERM - 11 months ago1 answer
I had Juvederm put into my nose for a better look and it is horrible. It has been a year and it is still in the same area and gives my nose a hooded appearance. I was told if used on the nose you can create a better looking nose without surgery. However it has not left the area in the front of my nose and in the nostrils on the side. I look like I have a double right side of my nose. How can I get it out of the nose area?
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How can I get a flatter tummy without a tummy tuck?
General - 1 year ago1 answer
I had a child a little over a year ago. While I've lost all but 8 lbs of the weight, my tummy area is still flabby. The muscles and the skin were stretched so much that they have not gone back to their pre-pregnancy state. I want a flatter tummy but don't want anything as invasive as a tummy tuck. What's a non-invasive alternative?
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