Anti-Aging Treatments

With the wide number of anti-aging treatments available to both men and women today, there?s no reason not to indulge in a simple procedure which can erase years from your face or body and increase your self-confidence.

Many anti-aging treatments today rely on cutting-edge technology to direct energy beneath the surface of the skin, tightening the skin tissue and stimulating the development of new collagen. Anti-aging treatments like Fraxel, FotoFacial, intense pulsed light therapy, and laser resurfacing can effectively treat a wide range of conditions that occur as a result of repeated sun exposure and the natural aging process, including wrinkling, scarring, and discoloration, such as age spots.

The recovery time required by anti-aging treatments depends largely on the depth and extent of treatment, and many procedures allow patients to return to their normal routines right after treatment. Many anti-aging procedures treat the underlying structures of skin, leaving the surface uninjured. Others, such as laser resurfacing, use intense laser energy to remove damaged skin and encourage new skin cell development. All procedures involve what is termed "controlled damage" to the skin, removing damaged tissue in order to allow new tissue to develop.

Costs can range, based on the procedure and the size of the area being treated, varying generally from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Some treatments require multiple sessions to achieve the desired results.

Anti-aging treatments are not what they used to be. Today?s techniques offer natural results with minimal downtime. Your local cosmetic specialist can help you choose the best procedure for the results you want to achieve.
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