Candidacy for Genesis Skin Rejuvenation

Genesis Skin Rejuvenation is a scientific technique that is used to enhance the appearance of damaged skin. A Laser Genesis Skin Rejuvenation procedure is conducted using a laser that heats the second layer of skin, to increase the production of collagen formation. Typically, four to six treatments are often required before significant results are visible.

Ideal Candidates

A Genesis Skin Rejuvenation treatment is recommended for both and women, with all skin types and skin tones. This technique is considered safe with no known harmful side effects. It has been recognized that the aging process usually begins around the age of thirty. Therefore, thirty year olds who experience premature signs of aging, and older people, are usually considered to be ideal candidates for a Genesis Skin Rejuvenation. Once lines and wrinkles become visible, a rejuvenation technique will erase these wrinkles, and prevent further breakdown of collagen, by stimulating its growth.

If you have problem skin such as acne scarring, deep wrinkles, sagging facial skin, enlarged pores and an uneven skin texture, this technique is right for you. The areas of the body that are normally treated using this technique include the face, chest and neck area. A Genesis Skin Rejuvenation can also be applied to other parts of the body to help diminish scarring.

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