Epidermal Leveling for Women

Epidermal Leveling is often known by another name, dermaplaning.  This is a procedure in which a patient can have the outer layers of the skin removed via a surgical procedure. In taking away the outer layers of skin, women can begin to reveal fresher and newer skin cells.

Women and Epidermal Leveling

Women who are interested in making their skin appear more youthful can use Epidermal Leveling to help them with this goal. Used on a monthly basis, Epidermal Leveling can help women simply and painlessly remove the peach fuzz on the skin which can trap oils and bacteria. This removal will then reduce the incidence of acne and other blemishes. Fine line wrinkles, scars, and other minor skin imperfections will also be removed with Epidermal Leveling. Each treatment lasts about forty-five minutes and the patient can return to work or school without any side effects.

While men are also strong candidates for Epidermal Leveling, women find that this painless procedure can be completed regularly to keep their skin looking fresh. Women will notice skin care products work better too. By reducing the need for daily lotions and serums, women will cut down on daily facial care and on the expenses of these skin care products.

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