How to Choose a Liquid Facelift Specialist

A liquid facelift is an increasingly common alternative to a surgical procedure to remove wrinkles and signs of aging. Liquid facelifts involve the injection of various materials into certain select parts of your face to cause the muscles to tense up, become taut and pull your skin tighter, making it look younger in appearance. One of the most common (and best known) of these injections is Botox, a neurotoxin that paralyzes certain muscles in the face to aid in the elimination of wrinkles. Selecting a properly trained and experienced physician is vitally important to the success of your procedure.


Dermatologists are one group of doctors who have some experience with liquid facelifts. Be sure that your doctor has specific surgical training and practice before you agree to work with him.

Cosmetic Surgeons

Cosmetic surgeons are the most likely to be able to provide you with a liquid facelift treatment. Still, the fact that this procedure has only recently become more common means that there are quite a few cosmetic surgeons who have never performed an operation of this type. Be sure to ask directly whether or not any surgeon has conducted a liquid facelift before you agree to work with him.

General Physicians

Rarely, a general physician may have knowledge or experience specifically pertaining to a liquid facelift. These doctors can also provide you with helpful advice if you're considering different options and are wondering how they might affect your overall health.

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