Initial and Long Term Results of Portrait Plasma Skin Rejuventaion

Patients who are thinking about getting a portrait plasma skin rejuvenation treatment to eliminate wrinkles, reduce spotting or otherwise alter the skin may be wondering about the average results with this kind of treatment. Each patient is different, and the results for portrait plasma skin rejuvenation definitely happen on a case to case basis. However, some reports from patients and doctors can show what may be likely after a portrait plasma skin rejuvenation procedure.

Initial Results for Portrait Plasma Skin Rejuvenation

After the portrait plasma skin rejuvenation procedure, a significant recovery time may apply. Doctors generally don’t expect that patients will be in a lot of pain in the days after portrait plasma skin rejuvenation, although some of them have said that they experienced pain for several days. Likewise, although swelling has been reported, doctors don’t always expect a severe limitation of patient activity after this procedure.

Long Term Results of Portrait Plasma Skin Rejuvenation

If the patient responded well to portrait plasma skin rejuvenation, the long-term results should be effective changes in skin tissues, including smoother, tighter skin with a more healthy pigmentation or tone. For some patients, redness of the skin has been a long-term issue, and some complications from portrait plasma skin rejuvenation have become problematic after the treatment. Talk to a medical doctor to consider all of the risks and benefits before participating in portrait plasma skin rejuvenation or any similar treatment like laser therapies or radio energy treatments that may be able to correct some skin issues, but come with their own potential side effects and complications.

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