Most Common Uses of Genesis Skin Rejuvenation

Genesis skin rejuvenation is a popular new treatment for altering the appearance of the skin on the face and other body areas. Genesis skin rejuvenation treatment uses a laser which is non-ablative, meaning it does not disrupt the outer layers of skin. Instead, it targets the deeper areas under the skin where collagen is produced. Doctors use this kind of treatment to rejuvenate a face and make a patient look younger, or for other changes to the way that the skin looks. Genesis skin treatments are just one of many new innovative technologies for altering the way the face looks, but like other treatments, these laser therapies should be carefully evaluated before a consumer signs on as a patient for one of these procedures.

Facial Lines and Clogged Pores

Genesis skin rejuvenation treatments can help to erase wrinkles or lines on the face such as crow's feet around the eyes, a nasolabial line around the nose and mouth, or any other skin areas that have been creased over time. Genesis does this by promoting the building of collagen, which smooths out these areas of the face. Genesis skin rejuvenation treatments can also help to deal with clogged pores and similar skin conditions, such as acne. In some patients, Genesis skin treatments can tighten the pores to make skin look firm and clear.

Changing Skin Tones

This kind of technology can also be used to change the skin tone of a patient. In some patients, overly reddish skin tones can be altered by targeting the microvasculature of the face, the small blood vessels below the skin. This is another popular use for Genesis and related laser treatments.

Dealing with Scarring

As Genesis helps to restore an even skin tone and smoother skin conditions, it can also help with the aftereffects of acne, rosacea or a related skin condition. Some kinds of scarring on the face and on other areas of the body respond to Genesis treatments in some patients. Doctors can use this type of dermatology treatment to minimize the cosmetic effect of different kinds of scarring.

Using Genesis Skin Rejuvenation

Only qualified dermatology professionals should practice Genesis skin rejuvenation treatments in their offices. Patients looking to benefit from this kind of procedure should talk to a local doctor before going ahead with a Genesis procedure. Patients should understand the possible risks and side effects of this procedure, as well as how some medical interactions and conditions can change whether they are a good candidate for this kind of laser skin therapy. Although there is generally no recovery time for Genesis, patients should know what to expect directly after treatment. Seek out good advice from qualified medical professionals before electing a Genesis skin rejuvenation plan.

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