Post-Liquid Facelift Lifestyle & Maintenance

The Liquid Facelift is a non surgical, non ablative cosmetic technique that can delay the need for a facelift. The Liquid Facelift is administered as an injectible gel that will fill the saggy skin and recreate the original 3 dimensionality of the face. The skin will also be softer and tighter. The durability of the effects of Liquid Facelift depends on each patient in part. Preserving the effects of a Liquid Facelift depends on how you take care of your skin and your lifestyle. Aging, weight fluctuations and sun exposure can have destructive effects on the skin.

Post-Liquid Facelift Procedures

After the procedure the skin may be swollen, but this will go away if you apply some cold compresses. No special care is required post Liquid Facelift, but you should avoid the sun. Apply sun cream with a SPF 30 or over and wear this for at least 2 weeks after the procedure, as the skin tends to be more sensitive. You can wear makeup, provided it has not expired and won’t dry or irritate your skin.

Skin Protection

Sun has a lot of damaging effects on the skin. It causes wrinkling and sun spots or different skin discoloration or hyperpigmentation. Avoiding the sun after a Liquid Facelift procedure will guarantee that your skin will keep its elasticity for longer.

While in the sun, sun block should be applied. Note that even if you are in your car, the sun rays may still affect your skin through the window. Use moisturizing creams twice per day, one in the morning the other before sleep. You should opt for moisturizing creams with a SPF. When purchasing makeup, you should always opt for safe products that are suitable for your skin type. Never use makeup that is expired.

Diet and Liquid Facelift

What you eat can influence the quality of your skin and the durability of the Liquid Facelift. If you opt for nourishing products, such as fruits and vegetables, and have a healthy intake of fats in your diet, this will add to the quality of your skin.

Hydration is also important, so drink at least 1, 5 liters of water per day. Get some supplements that can help the skin: vitamin E and omega fatty acids.

Weight Control

A fluctuation in your weight can have damaging effects on the elasticity of your skin. The skin can lose its elasticity and this may result in flabby skin.

You should try to control your weight and maintain it constantly. If you would like to lose weight, make this gradual, so that to allow your skin to keep up the pace and tighten without leaving you with a lot of excessive skin.

Additional Procedures

The effects of the Liquid Facelift procedure may be visible for up to 2 years, depending on how you care for your skin. You may get a few facials, chemical peels and massages to keep your skin firm and fresh and maintain the effects of the Liquid Facelift for longer. You may repeat the Liquid Facelift treatment or get a traditional face lift, if need be.

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