Potential Side Effects of Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation is a procedure that employs non-ablative laser beams to diminish wrinkles and other signs of aging, and gives firmness to the skin. In addition, the Skin Rejuvenation can remove age spots, dark circles from around the eyes, freckles or pregnancy melasmas. However, the Skin Rejuvenation treatment also has a few potential side effects.

Skin Irritation

The skin can get irritated. and the redness can persist for several days or even weeks. The skin will have a sun burnt appearance; this side effect will be less visible in patients with a darker skin complexion. The duration of the skin redness may last up to 1 week; in the most severe cases, it may last up to 1 month.


The non-ablative laser beams used in the Skin Rejuvenation procedure will cause inflammation of the skin and the swelling will be more serious 24 hours after the treatment. The swelling may persist for up to 1 week after the treatment is administered. Cold compresses on the day of the treatment may minimize this side effect.


The skin may be oozing for a few hours after the administration of the Skin Rejuvenation lasers. To protect your skin and reduce oozing, you may get a topical cream that can be applied every 2 hours on the treated zones.

Skin Flaking

Following a Skin Rejuvenation laser treatment, you may notice skin flaking. This side effect may not necessarily occur; if it does, you can use a moisturizing cream to reduce skin flaking.

Skin flaking can persist for up to 1 week after the procedure.

Skin Scarring

The Skin Rejuvenation employs non-ablative lasers, which are safer than the traditional lasers and have a lower risk of producing scars. The laser beams must be adapted to your skin to prevent scarring. The intensity of the laser can be adapted according to each skin type in part. A plastic surgeon that has experience in Skin Rejuvenation treatments will be able to adapt the intensity of the laser beams so that you won’t get scars.

Depigmentation or Color Changes

In rare cases, the Skin Rejuvenation treatment may cause depigmentation or skin color changes. The laser beams may affect the skin pigments; however, if the intensity of the lasers is adapted to your skin type, this side effect will not occur.

Acne Occurrence

If you have skin that is prone to acne, the Skin Rejuvenation treatment may activate the acne, due to the fact that the laser will activate the production of collagen and ellastin (and these will cause oily skin).

Delayed Healing

The Skin Rejuvenation procedure has minimal down time compared to other more traditional laser treatments. The healing should take place within 1 week of the treatment or even less, depending on your skin’s capacity to heal. The healing may take longer in older patients and patients with sensitive skin.

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