Conditions that Mesotherapy Treats

Mesotherapy is a relatively new area of medicine, which has gained tremendous popularity. It constitutes injecting miniscule amounts of homeopathic medications, vitamins or natural extracts into the layer of fat and tissue under the skin called mesoderm. Since it does not involve surgery, the associated risks and pain from standard fat reduction procedures are reduced, and it does not require hospitalization.

Cosmetic Applications

This nonsurgical solution, which originated in Europe, is touted to treat at least 120 medical and cosmetic conditions, where cellulite treatment and localized fat reduction are the most common.  Aside from these, the list of cosmetic conditions treated through mesotherapy includes stretch marks, hyper-pigmentation, scars, flaccid skin, acne, wrinkles, alopecia or hair loss, and hyperkeratosis or localized skin thickening due to vitamin A deficiency.

Cellulite Treatment

Mesotherapy is now gaining more ground in the field of fat reduction when compared to liposuction because, aside from reducing fat with virtually no pain, the procedure also treats cellulite.  Liposuction does not treat cellulite and may even make it more visible. The novel treatment of mesotherapy minimizes cellulite resulting in smoother skin. The fat deposits are dissolved and exit the body so they do not go to other areas, unlike some cases of liposuction, where the fat deposits sometimes reappear in another part of the body.

Medical Treatment

Although this medical specialty is now more popular for cosmetic applications, it is actually a proven treatment for other medical conditions. A number of scientific studies have verified the efficacy of mesotherapy as treatment for musculoskeletal pain and vascular disease. It is used to treat tendonitis, arthritis and sports trauma.

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