Cosmetic and Health Benefits of LipoDissolve Ultra

LipoDissolve Ultra is among the most contemporary of fat-removal treatments. Before opting to undergo LipoDissolve Ultra treatment, it is vital that its cosmetic and health benefits are fully understood.

Facilitates Weight Loss

Within the niche of weight loss, some areas of the body are prone to developing thick layers of fatty tissue that don’t respond to the conventional exercise and dietary measures. These areas can be treated with LipoDissolve Ultra that can remove fat from the most challenging of areas. This includes removal of fat from:

  • Abdominal bulges or love handles
  • Upper/lower back
  • Upper/inner portion of thighs
  • Underarms
  • Double chins

People looking for removal of fat from such specific sites are ideal for LipoDissolve Ultra, since this treatment is not meant for overall weight loss; it is suited for removal of localized fat.

Removal of Fat with Negligible Skin Sagging

This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons for making LipoDissolve Ultra popular. This treatment doesn’t cause loosening of skin over the treatment sites. This is because the LipoDissolve Ultra induces uniform and gradual weight loss. Unlike other treatments that seek to remove significant amount of lipids in a single session through harsh measures, such as mechanical sucking of fat, LipoDissolve Ultra is aimed at ensuring gradual and sustained fat eradication. The gradual fat removal allows the skin over the treatment site to adjust to the absence of underlying adipose tissue, directly minimizing chances of skin sagging.

Uniform Removal of Fat

Unlike mechanical/suction-based fat removal methods that can remove excessive amounts of fat from a treatment site, LipoDissolve Ultra ensures uniform fat removal helping to negate chances of post-treatment issues, like formation of pitting or bumps. LipoDissolve Ultra uses ultraviolet rays for heating the treatment sites before and after the treatment. This is done to augment the effects of the treatment. The heating induced by the ultraviolet beams ensures that the deep-seated fatty layers are also melted. Further, the injectable compounds are retained within the patient’s body for some time. These compounds slowly act upon the hardened cellulite that is often not removed during fat-removal treatments, causing unbalanced fat removal.

Safe Treatment with Negligible Recovery Period

LipoDissolve Ultra injects natural compounds like soy proteins. Scientifically, these compounds are grouped as phosphatidylcholinae. These are also used in preparation of dark chocolates. The use of such natural compounds ensures that there is negligible chance of the patient’s metabolism reacting adversely to the treatment.

The use of organic compounds negates chances of side-effects associated with treatments using chemical additives. The injections used here are very fine, and there are no fears regarding bleeding or infections caused by them. The ultrasound used in LipoDissolve Ultra is regulated to minimize chances of inflammation due to overheating.

The treatment doesn’t put forth a significant recovery period. LipoDissolve Ultra is performed as an outpatient procedure or in the physician’s clinic. In fact, most patients are advised to carry-on with their daily schedules within a couple of hours after the treatment. The undemanding treatment nature of LipoDissolve Ultra ensures that there are minimal post-treatment demands.

Gradual, Effective Results

Significant weight loss is seen during the first month after undergoing LipoDissolve Ultra, wherein the fat dissolved by injected compounds is slowly eradicated through the body’s natural mechanism. The gradual but comprehensive fat-loss ensures that health risks induced by sudden weight loss, such as blood pressure problems or kidney problems, are negated. The patient has a small window period to psychologically adjust to his altered physical state.

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