How to Prepare for a Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a versatile treatment that may have effects such as fat removal, but may also have anti aging and cellulite reducing effects. The procedure will be performed by injecting a solution that contains multiple ingredients, including homeopathic dilutions, medication and natural compounds. This solution will be injected in the mesoderm, or the middle layer of the skin, and will melt fat, dislodge the fat cells and rejuvenate the skin. The preparation for a Mesotherapy treatment is easy.

Get Informed

To be fully prepared for the Mesotherapy treatment, you should find out all you need to know about the procedure in terms of what to expect during the surgery and if you require any medication before or after the treatment.

You should avoid aspirin and other non steroidal anti inflammatory medication at least 1 week before the treatment.

You won’t need to take time off from work, as Mesotherapy is an outpatient procedure and you won’t need recovery time. You will need vitamin K for after the injections, to massage the area and reduce possible swelling and irritation (and to obtain better results).

Arrange Financial Details

You should also get ready from a financial point of view. Typically, several Mesotherapy sessions will be recommended for optimal results, and each session can cost up to $500. Get a medical loan or make sure you have the financial means to cover the treatment.

Talk to Your Surgeon

You should meet with your surgeon and establish the problems that you would like to address with the Mesotherapy treatment. Let the surgeon know if you are more preoccupied with your cellulite, skin or fat deposits.

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