LipoDissolve Cost and Financing Options

One of the many benefits of the LipoDissolve procedure for excess fat removal is that it is much more cost effective than many other types of traditional liposuction. When combined with the fact that LipoDissolve is also less invasive and much safer, it is easy to see why it has become an extremely popular alternative to traditional liposuction.

LipoDissolve can be used to effectively remove small to medium sized fat deposits from various areas of the face and body. Because the procedure can be used to treat so many different problem areas, the price can vary. The price depends greatly upon the size of the area being treated. In addition, some fat deposits will require multiple treatments in order to be completely removed. The number of treatments required will also impact the total cost. In general LipoDissolve costs between $375 to $1500 per session.

Since procedures for removing unwanted fat are considered cosmetic, most health insurance providers will not cover the cost. Some medical practitioners offer in house financing that allows patients to make convenient weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments. The amount of the payments can depend upon how much time is allowed for the procedure to be paid for or on how much the patient can be afford. There are also outside lenders that offer financing for medical procedures. These lenders provide financing that is similar to a credit account. Such financing typically comes with fees and interest charges, and approval is based upon the patient's credit rating. Before applying for medical financing through an outside lending institution it is important to make sure that the lender will cover cosmetic procedures. Patients must also check with their medical provider to verify that they will accept payment from that particular lender.

When compared to the costs of traditional liposuction procedures, LipoDissolve is a much more affordable option. For patients who cannot afford to pay for the procedure in full, there are several financing options available.

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