Medical Conditions and Accent XL

Accent XL is a procedure used to tighten and rejuvenate the skin. Although Accent XL is approved as a safe and effective treatment, every individual has a unique body chemistry that reacts differently to medical procedures.

It is extremely important to have a medical examination prior to undergoing an Accent XL procedure to be sure that there are no existing medical conditions. Some conditions may not affect the procedure, while others have the potential to cause serious complications. Individuals that are pregnant or breastfeeding, taking photosensitizing medications, or have diabetes or a cardiac pacemaker are not ideal candidates for this treatment.

Breastfeeding and Pregnancy

Due to unexpected complications and stress that may result from undergoing Accent XL procedures, women are advised to wait until they are no longer pregnant and/or breastfeeding. The electromagnetic fields used for this treatment can have negative developmental effects on an unborn fetus. Waiting the extra couple of months will keep any extra stress or complications caused by the procedure from affecting or transferring to the baby.

Photosensitizing Drugs

Since photosensitizing drugs promote extreme sensitivity to sunlight, they should not be taken by an individual that plans to undergo an Accent XL procedure. After an Accent XL treatment, skin can be sensitive and irritated, which is why it is important to take extra precautionary measures to protect the skin until healing is complete. Photosensitizing medications increase the risk of overexposure to the sun, leaving the skin more prone to permanent damage.


Diabetics are not considered good candidates for Accent XL procedures, due to their altered ability to heal. After Accent XL treatment, skin has to regenerate new cells to replace the cells that were removed. Individuals with diabetes do not generate the replacement cells as quickly as a healthy patient would, leaving a higher chance of infection to set in.


The tools that are used during an Accent XL procedure use electromagnetic fields to rejuvenate the different layers of skin. These fields have the potential to cause severe hazards for patients that use cardiac pacemakers. Electromagnetic fields can have 1 of 3 serious affects on a pacemaker:

  1. The voltage may increase, sending the pacemaker into a circuit failure.
  2. The voltage may increase and mask the pacemaker’s signal.
  3. The pacemaker’s pulse sequence may be over-run by the electromagnetic force, causing the pulse to be controlled by the external source.

A successful treatment can be obtained when proper health guidelines are followed. It is important for patients to discuss all aspects of their medical history with a doctor or cosmetic surgeon before undergoing any type of procedure. If there is suspicion that any condition may be present, pre-procedural testing should be obtained. When general precautions are taken, the chances of successful treatment are greatly increased.

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