Most Common Uses of Mesotherapy

There are many uses of mesotherapy--over 120 to be exact. They range from scar removal to cellulite removal and many others. Mesotherapy is a combination of herbs, vitamins and other medicines that are injected into the skin to alter the way it looks or feels. The combination of these medicines helps to rejuvenate the area of treatment and makes it feel and look better. Mesotherapy has been known to work on all different types of problems. These are the most common uses of mesotherapy.

Reduces Cellulite

Cellulite is a deformity in the skin causing it to look bubbly. It is more common in women than men and usually appears on the abdomen and thighs. Mesotherapy helps to break down the fat cells in the skin. Mesotherapy also helps to improve blood flow to the area. This helps the skin to have a more smooth look.

Diminishes Wrinkles

Wrinkles are usually caused by the aging process, but can also be caused by too much sun exposure, hormonal imbalances and dehydration. They usually appear on the face including the forehead, under the eyes and around the mouth. Mesotherapy, in conjunction with Botox injections, can be used to help diminish the wrinkles. More than one treatment is usually needed depending on the severity of the wrinkles.

Body Sculpting

As the aging process occurs, the skin looses its elasticity. Mesotherapy can be used to help tighten the skin and reduce sagging. The vitamins and amino acids help to tighten the skin and prevent sagging, while other vitamins and minerals help to break down the fat and flush it away.

Hair Regrowth

As many men and women age, their hair becomes thin and begins to fall out. For those who want a full head of hair again, Mesotherapy can help. The mesotherapy treatments stimulate the hair follicles, enticing hair to grow.

Weight Loss

Mesotherpay can help in the reduction of weight. The treatments are injected into the problematic areas, increasing blood flow and helping the body to flush the fat away. This is not a treatment for those who have excess weight all over the body, but for those who have lost weight except for one specific area.

Medical Treatments

Mesotherapy is now being used for medical reasons and not solely for cosmetic uses. Doctors are now using mesotherapy to help patients who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis. muscle spasms, allergies and other conditions. The mesotherapy can help to increase blood flow to the area of discomfort. By increasing blood flow to the area, it helps reduce inflammation and improve circulation, reducing many symptoms. It takes more than one treatment to help reduce symptoms. It may take 3 or 4 injections before a patient will feel any relief. By using mesotherapy instead of regular medications, it cuts down on the chance of side effects and drug interactions.

Mesotherapy has many uses. If you are looking for help with wrinkles, weight loss or for other reasons, talk to a Mesotherapy specialist in your area.

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