Treatments that Can be Combined with Thermage

Thermage? targets one of the main culprits behind skin that has lost its vibrancy: lack of collagen. Collagen is a vital protein naturally produced by the body that serves several functions, including giving skin its elasticity and firmness. Thermage? zaps the collagen with heat, causing the cells to plump up and relax, which in turn fills in small lines on the surface. The heat also prompts the body to begin producing new collagen over time. Indeed, as time passes, you may find your results have improved instead of deteriorating as your body creates more collagen.?

Treatments for Maintaining Results

While the results are long-lasting, you may want to spot-treat specific areas to add more plumpness and tighten the skin. Most collagen-based dermal fillers and facial injections can be used in combination with Thermage?. Fillers such as Radiesse and Restylane are safe to use alongside or after Thermage?. Botox as a facial tightening treatment is also safe. Thermage? can be performed after a laser resurfacing treatment, such as the Active FX and the Pixel fractional lasers, to help eliminate skin that is damaged on the surface while growing new cells.

Treatments to Avoid Combining with Thermage?

While most collagen fillers are safe to combine with Thermage?, you may want to exercise caution if you've also used the ArteFill dermal filler. ArteFill contains synthetic microspheres to support its collagen component. The collagen is absorbed into the body, but the microspheres remain under the skin permanently. No clinical studies have shown how these microspheres might react to the heat from the Thermage? laser. There is currently no data to support that combining these two therapies is safe or advisable.

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