Advantages and Disadvantages of Vitalize Peel

Vitalize Peel, a non damaging chemical peel, provides patients with a less risky alternative to lengthy surgeries and intensive laser light procedures. The Vitalize Peel treatment takes a small amount of time and provides some patients with immediate results.

Vitalize Peel Advantages

  • Vitalize Peel often takes less than one half an hour for a complete treatment session. Patients have the ability to receive treatment without missing a major part of their daily schedule or routine.
  • The facial chemical peel process provides immediate results and lets patients leave the treatment location directly after the Vitalize Peel session concludes. Unlike hospital visits, Vitalize Peel offers a fast in and out procedure.
  • Vitalize Peel remains one of the few chemical peel treatment systems that work well with all skin complexions and tones. The peel works to rid the top layers of damaged skin and leave a brand new fresh complexion in their place.
  • The Vitalize Peel treatment does not require any pre procedural tests or medications, adding to the already fast completion time.
  • The chemical peel procedure works to renew damaged skin caused by sun damage, acne, scarring and pigment changes from sun spots or freckles.

Vitalize Peel Disadvantages

  • Vitalize Peel often requires more than one application in order to provide patients with the absolute best results possible.
  • The chemical peel solution does not work with every patient due to allergy warnings and risk of further skin damage.
  • After receiving the Vitalize Peel treatment, patients often go through a peeling phase. Patients become more susceptible to sun and other skin damages after the chemical peel.
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