Benefits of LATISSE?

Today, LATISSE is the only product approved by the U.S. food and Drug Administration to achieve fuller, thicker growth of the upper eyelashes. Individuals who apply the product as directed on a regular and consistent basis can experience fuller, thicker lash growth in just a few weeks, with optimum results visible after about four months of regular application.

The only competitive products currently being marketed include mascara, lash dye, and false eyelashes. LATISSE offers marked benefits over these products, resulting in a more natural and longer lasting result than these temporary cosmetic solutions.

The product itself is simple and easy to apply. Using a special applicator supplied with the product, individuals apply a single drop of the solution at the base of upper lashes, where the bases of the lashes emerge from the eyelid. Excess solution is blotted away gently with a tissue or soft cloth. Application takes only moments per day. Unlike false eyelash adhesives, lash dyes and some mascaras, which may cause sensitivity issues in individuals with specific allergies or those with sensitive eyes, the LATISSE lash growth product has been shown to be safe even in individuals with these conditions.

Although a few individuals may experience slight itching, redness or burning after the initial few applications, these minor side effects dissipate with continued use, as the body becomes adjusted to the solution.

LATISSE also offers a much more permanent solution to mascara and false lashes, which must be removed and reapplied each day, and dyes which fade away over time. LATISSE results in the growth of new lashes, which are thicker and fuller, and often darker, than your normal lashes. Used regularly, thicker, fuller lash growth will continue for as long as the product is used.

LATISSE is available by prescription only, and your cosmetic specialist is an excellent source of information about the benefits of this product and the results you can expect to achieve with regular use.

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