Candidacy for Blue Peel

Blue Peel is a skin resurfacing chemical peel, used alone or in combination with other resurfacing procedures, to rejuvenate aged skin. Your doctor must perform the procedure and the amount of applications required to produce your desired results varies and will be determined by your doctor.


If you are thinking of getting a blue peel and have other problem areas besides your face, the procedure is safe and frequently used on other parts of the body as well. While your doctor will ultimately determine what skin resurfacing process is best for your skin type and the condition of your skin, there are certain criteria that may make the Blue Peel the choice for you.

Good Candidates

You are a good candidate for Blue Peel if you have skin damage due to the natural process of aging, sun damage, skin prone to acne, pigmentation issues, wrinkles or just a generally poor quality of skin. If you have scars from acne or injury, Blue Peel may be beneficial to you as well. If you, like many others, are looking for skin resurfacing without a lot of downtime, Blue Peel will definitely provide that. Your face will begin to peel within 2-3 days, completely heal within 7, and throughout this time you have no restrictions or disruptions to your life.

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