FDA Approval Status for Skin Care Cosmetic Products

Knowing which skin care cosmetic products are safe makes all the difference when choosing the brands you trust to use everyday. Understanding more about the FDA’s approval process will help you make the best decisions when buying skin care-related cosmetics.

Color Additives

It might be surprising to learn that the FDA approval of skin care products, and all cosmetics, is limited to a few, specific ingredients.

Color additives in cosmetics are tightly controlled by the FDA. This is due to increasing evidence which points toward color additives as being harmful to health. In response to these concerns, the FDA has strict regulations regarding which color additives can be used and for what purpose.

FDA rules are especially stringent when it comes to which color additives can be used on or around the eyes. FDA requires manufacturers to comply with stringent labeling requirements for cosmetic products; color additives and other ingredients must be included on product packaging.

Cosmetic or Drug?

The FDA may classify a skin care product as a drug, in which case the product must be approved for safety and effectiveness before it can be marketed to consumers.

Cosmetic skin care products which are considered drugs include those which are meant to treat, improve or cure a specific medical condition. Products used to treat acne, eczema or scars include those which need FDA approval.

Product Quality

Manufacturers of skin care and all cosmetics are also responsible for ensuring that product ingredients are free from “adulterated” substances, such as contaminants, bacteria or poisons.

You can visit the FDA website for more information about its regulation and approval of skin care and other cosmetic products.

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