How to Choose a Vi Peel Specialist

When you're considering the relatively new Vi Peel procedure for treating skin conditions, it helps to select professional medical physicians who are experienced in dealing with these solutions. Some basic guidelines will help you find the best local doctors who can help administer this specific kind of chemical peel.

Find Board-Certified Physicians

Medical experts contend that it's best to rely on board-certified dermatologists to administer Vi Peel and other kinds of chemical peel treatments. Board certification provides evidence of solid, profound experience in the field and in evaluating treatments and conditions.

Seek Doctors with the Right Treatment Philosophy for Vi Peel

Another little-known tip about Vi Peel is that the maker of the product intended for it to be used in a specific way. The intended process for using Vi Peel is sometimes called “dentalization” and is an underlying philosophy for care. What it really means is that in-office Vi Peel treatments are spaced out over several months, with a solid regimen of home care prescribed in between. Find doctors who will support this fundamental use of the Vi Peel.

Look for Dermatology Offices that will Help You Finance Vi Peel Procedures

Because health insurance providers are unlikely to fund Vi Peel treatments, it helps to find doctors who will let you opt into a payment plan for taking care of the costs of this kind of treatment.

Use Referrals

To help you locate a specialist, ask around to see if anyone in your network has, or knows someone who has, received a Vi Peel. If someone used a qualified specialist and were happy with the results, chances are you will be too.

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