How to Prepare for a LATISSE

LATISSE ® is a prescription solution that contains the chemical bimatroprost and preparation is difficult. It is used to increase eyelash growth on the upper eyelid. You must inform your doctor if you are being treated for any ocular pressure problems. Bimatroprost is also used to treat eye pressure problems related to some types of glaucoma. Your doctor will decide if LATISSE ® is right for you.


Typically, LATISSE ® is applied once a day in the evening. You must remove makeup and thoroughly clean your face with mild soap and water. Make sure you do not leave any residual oil, cream or lotion on your skin. Remove your contact lenses.

You will receive a 3ml bottle of solution and applicators. Use only the provided applicators. Squeeze one drop of solution onto the applicator and apply to the skin at the upper lash line. Use a separate applicator for each eyelid. Try to avoid getting the solution into your eye or on any surrounding skin.

If you use other eye ointments or medications, tell your doctor. Your doctor can advise you whether you should use these treatments before or after LATISSE ® application.

Side Effects

Most commonly reported side effects from using LATISSE ® include itching and redness. Less common side effects are darkening of the skin that has come into contact with the solution and hair growth in areas coming into contact with LATISSE ® . Additionally, some darkening in the eye could develop.

LATISSE ® does not work overnight. You will see improvement within three to four months. Your lashes will be visibly darker and longer. However, LATISSE ® must be applied every day to achieve the results. If you discontinue using LATISSE ® , your lashes will return to their normal pre-treatment state within a couple months.?

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