Initial and Long Term Results of Vi Peel

Vi Peel is a virtually pain free facial peel with very little recovery time, that produces remarkable initial and long-term results. Due to the Vi Peel’s unique blend of ingredients, this revolutionary skin treatment is gentle enough for the face, as well as the hands, chest and neck area.

Initial Results of Vi Peel

Due to Vi Peel’s unique blend of ingredients, this revolutionary skin treatment is so gentle that the recovery time is minimal. Depending on the patient's tone and the extent of damage, immediate skin response may be a slight darkening or reddening.

After receiving a Vi Peel treatment, patients can expect peeling of the skin to begin around day three. Usually starting near the mouth area, the peeling is light and in some cases, invisible.  Patients may also use moisturizer to make the peeling less noticeable. All peeling effects of the peel should be finished by day seven. Patients will then be able to enjoy clear skin free of age spots, acne and discolorations.

Initial results of the Vi Peel treatment vary from person to person. Depending on the damage of the skin, patients can expect to see results in as little as 3 to 7 days. Some patients have even reported seeing an immediate result in the clarity, tone and texture of their skin.

Long Term Results of Vi Peel

Upon initial treatment, a doctor will evaluate the patient’s skin to determine how many follow-up treatments will be needed. For severely damaged skin, treatment can be repeated as often as every two weeks. However, for those with normal to minimum skin damage, treatment is recommended every three months.

Between periods of re-treatment, skin care professionals suggest that patients use the Vi Derm Skin Care System to maintain the results of the Vi Peel. Physicians also suggest that recipients of Vi Peel should limit sun exposure to the treated area or wear SPF 30 or above sunscreen.

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