Potential Side Effects of Vitalize Peel

Vitalize Peel serves its patients with a safe and effective skin rejuvenation procedure, though side effects do occur occasionally in some individuals who undergo treatment.

Allergic or Adverse Reaction

Vitalize Peel, a chemical peel treatment that contains acids and other chemical additives, has the ability to damage sensitive skin. Some patients have allergic reactions, though pre screening and allergen tests often eliminate the risk of a negative reaction to the substance.

Irritation to Light and Air

Other side effects include slight irritation to sun light and prolonged redness prior to treatment. Since the acids within Vitalize Peel break down top layers of skin, the under layers become exposed to elements normally avoided, including sun light and wind. Patients should avoid any type of potentially damaging factors after each procedure.

Prolonged Peeling

Facial skin peeling acts as a less severe, but more common side effect than others caused by the skin rejuvenation treatment. In most cases, the peeling occurs a few days after the treatment process, though it lasts for extended periods of time for some patients.

Burning Sensation

A burning irritation during treatment acts as another common side effect caused by Vitalize Peel. Even though most patients claim that the level of discomfort remains bearable throughout the entire procedure, some individuals with sensitive skin types find the acids used in the chemical peel too strong.

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