Areas of the Body Elevess Treats

Elevess exclusively treats areas on patient’s faces in an attempt to reduce wrinkles and lines associated with aging effects. The natural list of additives used in the dermal filler product help to work in sync with the patient’s bodily functions in order to develop a healthy new complexion.

Face, Mouth and Eyes

Patients who undergo this dermal filler procedure often see fast occurring results on the treated area of the face. Some patients seek Elevess treatment to fill sunken areas caused from light scarring or wrinkle formation. In other cases, the product helps alleviate the minute lines that eventually form around the mouth or eyes from repeated facial gestures such as smiling and squinting.

Aged Facial Areas

The hyaluronic acid used in Elevess comes directly from plants; HA also naturally occurs in the human skin as a regulatory chemical that helps maintain healthy skin networks. When treated, the patient’s layers of facial skin use the extra levels of hyaluronic acid to improve aged areas that show moderate levels of wear and tear.

Since the Elevess treatment only works on the facial region, many patients feel that the specialized product offers a more efficient, singly productive action in skin renewal by significantly reducing the amount of visible aging for people of all ages.

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