BOTOX? Recovery and Results

BOTOX® is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures being performed in the world today, and it’s no wonder: requiring a few, relatively painless injections, BOTOX® offers both men and women noticeable results in a short period of time, and involves minimal recovery.

BOTOX® procedures take only a few minutes to perform and patients usually report feeling little to no discomfort. Most individuals are able to resume their normal activities immediately after their treatment. Following the procedure, there may be some slight bruising or swelling, especially in fair-skinned individuals or those who are prone to bruising. Some individuals may also notice small red coloration near the injection sates. Light ice packs or cold compresses may be used to reduce swelling and minimize bruising when necessary.

During the recovery period, your specialist may ask you to perform specific facial movements to ensure the correct muscles were targeted during the procedure. Your specialist may also ask you to refrain from strenuous activity for 24 hours following treatment, and may also ask you to avoid lying down or rubbing the treatment area for several hours after treatment.

A very few patients may experience other side effects from their BOTOX® treatment, including:

  • Slight tingling or numbness in the treatment area
  • Temporary headache or nausea
  • Symptoms similar to the flu
  • Drooping eyelid or eyebrow, which usually resolves after a few weeks

Some patients may experience an allergic reaction after BOTOX® treatment, and the solution may cause adverse reactions in individuals who are also taking heart medications, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medication, herbal preparations and some other medications. Prior to treatment, be sure to tell your specialist about any medications or herbal remedies you may be taking. Serious side effects are rare, and can be minimized by selecting a qualified specialist experienced in BOTOX® procedures.

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