Candidacy for ArteFill

Artefill is a derma filler that uses microspheres to provide support and structure to sagging and aging skin. Artefill is injected under the wrinkles and helps stimulate collagen production to erase the signs of aging. Here are some things to consider when determining if you would make an appropriate candidate for the treatment.

Previous Injections

If you have already undergone temporary injection treatments, but are looking for something that can give you more permanent results, you are an ideal candidate for artefill. Unlike temporary treatments, artefill can not be absorbed by the body and metabolized. Artefill lasts up to five years after the initial treatment.

Skin Sensitivity

Prior to treatment, your doctor will conduct a skin test to make sure you don't have an allergic reaction to the artefill compound. If the test comes back positive, you are not eligible for the procedure. If you have bovine collagen allergies or a history of hypersensitivity you should not pursue the treatment. Also, artefill is not appropriate for more delicate areas of the skin like crow's feet. Rather, it is intended to reduce the appearance of naso-labial folds or smile lines and deeper wrinkles. Artefill is not suitable for you if you are susceptible to keloid scarring or other thick scarring. The treatment is not recommend for elderly patients.


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