How Restylane Is Performed

Restylane is a dermal filler used to fill static and dynamic wrinkles on the nasolabial fold. It is helpful in reducing and softening facial lines. With aging, your face loses collagen and hyaluronic acid, especially due to the dynamic movement of muscles when you frown or smile. Hence, deep folds start to appear. Restylane is natural cosmetic dermal filler made of hyaluronic acid. As it supplements the hyaluronic acid requirement of the body, it can effectively work under the thick layer of skin (dermis) to increase volume and eliminate wrinkles and lines. Since hyaluronic acid is a component of the human body, it does not create any adverse allergic reactions while being injected. Below explains how Restylane is performed:



Consult a certified physician who is offering the Restylane treatment. The physician will explain in detail the entire procedure. By understanding your expectations, the surgeon analyzes the areas where the Restylane injection needs to be given to achieve the desired results. Restylane can be used in facial areas, and the entire process may last for just an hour as there is no need for pre-testing.  

Local Anesthetization

A local topical anesthetic, like a Eutectic mixture of Local Anesthetic (EMLA) or a lidocaine anesthetic injection, is given to the targeted areas of treatment.  

Restylane Injection

Once the anesthesia is administered, crystal-clear gel like Restylane filler is injected by the doctor or nurse practitioner using a very tiny needle; very similar to that of the acupuncture needle. Once it is injected, Restylane fills the volume of the face and gives a healthy and radiant look to the face.  


After two to three weeks, patients are advised to come back for a review to determine the outcome of the procedure and to decide if a touch-up treatment in the adjoining areas is needed.  

Variations in Restylane Techniques

Initially, Restylane was injected only in the nasal labial folds; these are lines from nose to mouth. Now, it is being injected in upper and lower lips, in the puppet or marionette lines, upper face around the eye region and lower lid area too. As Restylane fills the lost volume in the lips, it results in youthful looking lips. Quite recently, it is also being injected into the cheek area, globella and crowsfeet areas, as Restylane is found to be effective in the removal of wrinkles in all these regions.

Important Information

Results of Restylane are seen immediately. The entire procedure is almost pain free.  Most of the patients undergo this treatment even without the application of anesthesia. Another advantage of this procedure is that there is no downtime for healing. But, Restylane is a temporary, bio-degradable dermal filler. Restylane gets entirely used up by the body, which is why Restylane subsequent injections are required in order to keep the wrinkles under control. This precisely is the reason why you need to undergo the treatment every six to nine months.

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