How to Choose a Restylane Specialist

After Restylane was approved for use by FDA in 2003, its popularity as a filler for wrinkles, facial folds, lip augmentation and tear troughs has been steadily growing. Restylane is the only product of its kind on the market which does not have animal proteins, so it is safe to use for the majority of people, even those allergic to animal proteins.

Questions to Ask

Since Restylane is a substance naturally occurring in the human body (hyaluronic acid), it is readily absorbed and side effects are minimal. However, the right choice of a specialist is as important as the treatment itself. You need to ask your doctor the following questions:

  • What experience does he have, especially with the treatment you think you need?
  • How will your current medications affect the treatment, and what are your options in case they dol?
  • What kind of complications has the doctor had with Restylane treatments?
  • What kind of corrective measures does he use in case of complications?
  • Can he show you before and after pictures?
  • What kind of anesthesia is available?
  • What kind of care will you need after the procedure?
  • Will you need any follow-up visits?

It is very important that you trust your doctor and that he listens to your concerns attentively. He needs to understand what you want to correct and be honest about your options. Since Restylane injections have their limitations, sometimes it is more beneficial to look at other alternative treatments.

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