Initial and Long Term Results of Sculptra

When considering Sculptra, the facial filler treatment, understanding both the initial and the long term results of the procedure can help you make an informed decision about whether or not to pursue the procedure. While each individual case is different, here's a picture of what you can expect should you undergo the treatment:

After First Treatment

The Sculptra procedure will require multiple appointments before you see ideal results. Your cosmetic specialist may recommend anywhere from three to six treatments--spaced three to six weeks apart--depending on your individual case. However, the average number of treatments is four.

After your first treatment, your skin will likely be red and slightly swollen for the remainder of the day. However, you will be free to continue normal activities, with the caveat that you wear sunscreen on the treated area. Over the next few days, the treated areas may bruise and/or become darker (resulting in hyperpigmentation). This is normal and should get better over time. However, if you're experiencing excessive pain or you suspect infection, contact your cosmetic specialist.

After Subsequent Treatments

To see ideal results with Sculptra, you'll have to continue to return for subsequent treatments three to six weeks after the last. You may have as little as three treatments or as many as six. After each treatment, you can expect similar swelling and possibly bruising that you experienced after your first treatment. However, you should be noticing smoother, more fuller skin, with the results becoming progressively more attractive after each treatment.

After Final Treatment

Once you have the final session in your initial Sculptra treatment, you will still experience a day of swelling followed by possible bruising and hyperpigmentation. However, a few days after the treatment, you should see your ideal results, with fine lines, sunken eyes, hallowed cheeks or your indented chin (whichever area you had treated) appearing far less visible. The skin will be smoother and less uneven in texture.

Long Term Results of the Facial Filler

This facial filler treatment offers fairly long-term results. After completing your final treatment (which should be nine to thirty-six weeks after you began treatment), you can count on younger, smoother-looking facial skin for a period of two years. However, just to make sure the treatment is working as expected, you should make consultation appointments with your cosmetic specialist every half year or so to see if it's time for maintenance. The treatment will not work longer than two years, so you should expect to have more maintenance treatments at some point in the future if you're happy with the results.

The severity of your facial imperfections as well as your age and other attributes will determine how long your Sculptra treatment will need to be, as well as the initial and long term results you can expect. The only way you can be sure how long your treatment will take is to make a consultation appointment with a cosmetic specialist.

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