Restylane: Risks and Results

Doctors often use Restylane, a natural sugar compound, as a dermal filler to diminish signs of aging, such as sagging skin, sunken cheeks, wrinkles, and creases, but every cosmetic procedure comes with a few risks. Most of those associated with Restylane are minor, and by choosing an experienced provider, one is less likely to experience these complications or side effects. Though swelling and redness in the treatment area are experienced by most patients after Restylane injections, these are usually temporary. Other more troublesome side effects are headaches and flu-like symptoms. These may include nausea and a slight fever. Sometimes patients even report feeling fatigued and having some muscle weakness after Restylane treatment. While most of these symptoms disappear within days, a small number of patients still notices them after the procedure is over and the skin has healed. Patients with sensitive skin can experience an allergic reaction to Restylane, but the numbers are small. These people can develop pimples or blister similar to acne and may have sever discoloration or soreness that lasts longer than expected. Also, it is possible for an inexperienced care provider to miss the target for an injection and inject an artery. This could be a serious complication. Once a patient has recovered from the Restylane injection, the results are almost instantly gratifying. Restylane can eliminate the wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyes, on the corners of the eyes, and those leading from the nose to the mouth. It can also be used to contour the face by building up areas on the nose or by augmenting the lips to make them fuller. Restylane can bring the chin forward without surgery and round out the jawline. Overall, after Restylane treatment, the face will look younger and livelier. Patients often remark that this procedure takes years off of their perceived ages, and they don't look as tired after having it. Because of the lift that it can give to the face, Restylane is sometimes referred to as a type of non-surgical face lift.
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