Treatments that Can be Combined with Hyperhidrosis BOTOX Treatment

The Hyperhidrosis Botox? Treatment is an option for patients that are considering to eliminate the problem of excessive sweating in a simple manner. Approximately 2 in 50 people suffer from hyperhidrosis.

A treatment with Botox? injections will be effective to reduce the underarm sweat and can last between 6 to 12 months, after which it can be repeated. The Hyperhidrosis Botox? Treatment may be combined with several other treatments for hyperhidrosis or other cosmetic treatments required by the patient.

Medication Treatment for Hyperhidrosis

The Hyperhidrosis Botox? Treatment is applied for the under arm sweating and cannot control palm or feet excessive sweating. Consequently, a patient may resort to additional medications that can control the hyperhidrosis.

The drugs available for excessive sweating include Ditropan and Robinul, which stop the neuro transmission that controls the sweat glands. These drugs can be combined with the administration of Botox? injections. While under treatment, the patient may experience dryness of mouth, vision problems and headaches, which are among the side effects of these drugs.

Sympathectomy Surgery

If the patient that suffers from excessive sweating would like to consider a permanent procedure that can eliminate hyperhidrosis and is effective for the entire body, he may opt for a sympathectomy procedure. Sympathectomy is a surgery that involves destroying parts of the sympathetic nerves trunk. The sympathetic nerves control the sweating.

The sympathectomy may be applied after the effects of the Botox? injections wear off. The surgery may give good results in over 70% of the cases and may eliminate sweating permanently.

Liposuction Treatments

A patient that suffers from excessive sweating may carry a few extra pounds, which can cause hyperhydrosis. There are many types of liposuction that can be used, depending on what the patient requires. A patient that requires a lot of extra pounds removed will need a more aggressive treatment, such as the traditional liposuction performed with a cannula and a suctioning device.

A limited amount of fat can be extracted with a laser assisted technique or a non invasive liposuction that will heat up the fat, melt it, and this will be gradually removed through urine by the lymphatic system. The liposuction will not interfere with the effects of Botox? and can be helpful in reducing the excessive sweating. A patient that carries less excessive weight will sweat less.

Breast Augmentation

A female patient that decides to get a Hyperhidrosis Botox? Treatment may also opt for a breast augmentation surgery. The incisions to insert the breast implants can be made in the same area the Botox? injections are administered, but the surgery won't affect the duration of the Botox? treatment for hyperhidrosis.

Skin Resurfacing Procedures

A patient that gets Botox? injections to eliminate hyperhidrosis may benefit of skin resurfacing procedures if there are scars or other skin imperfections. The resurfacing procedures are laser assisted and may be applied safely in congruence with the Botox? injections.

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