Treatments that Can be Combined with Prevelle Silk

Prevelle Silk is an injectible cosmetic treatment. The injectible solution employs hyaluronic acid, which is an effective dermal filler with results visible for up to 12 months. The treatment is most often applied on the face, to reduce wrinkles and creases and to add volume to the cheeks or lips. Prevelle Silk may be combined with a number of treatments, which won’t interact. These additional treatments will enhance the effects of Prevelle Silk and may bring additional benefits.


Botox® is another injectible solution that can be safely combined with the Prevelle Silk injections. Botox® targets the muscles under the skin, which contract whenever you smile, frown or have other facial expressions. The muscles will be numbed and won’t be able to contract, which will mean that you won’t have dynamic wrinkles and there won’t be paths forming on the surface of the skin.

The botulinum toxin present in the Botox® injections will not have a negative reaction when meeting the hyaluronic acid used in the Prevelle Silk injections. Both treatments last for about 6 to 12 months, so they can be reapplied together.


Microdermabrasion is a treatment that can be used in conjunction with Prevelle Silk. The procedure will reduce fine lines and superficial wrinkles from the surface of the skin. Microdermabrasion uses crystals, which peel off dead skin cells, revealing a fresher looking, younger skin.

The technique will also stimulate the regeneration of skin tissues and skin collagen, which will be visible a few weeks after the treatment. Microdermabrasion is often used along with Prevelle Silk, as the first treatment will work on the outside area of the skin, while Prevelle Silk will work from the inside, to give you the best possible results.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Prevelle Silk is often used with a laser skin rejuvenation technique, which will modify the appearance of the skin and remove a few wrinkles, creases and fine lines. The laser skin rejuvenation can be used instead of a Microdermabrasion treatment and will work on the deeper layers of skin, making the results more durable.

The lasers will penetrate the skin, heat it up and stimulate the formation of collagen, which will tighten the skin and give it a fresh appearance. A laser rejuvenation technique may be used after the effects of Prevelle Silk seem to fade, as the lasers will stimulate the body to fill the wrinkles and maintain the skin wrinkle free for longer.

Skin Resurfacing Techniques

A skin resurfacing technique can be used together with Prevelle Silk, if you would like to erase a few scars or spots from the skin or simply reduce the pores and get a smoother textured skin. High frequency lasers will be used to heat the skin and reduce the appearance of skin imperfections, making the skin pores less visible.  

The resurfacing may be performed on a small portion of the face, but may also be applied on the entire face.

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