Active FX Myths and Facts

Active FX is a laser procedure used by dermatologists for facial resurfacing. Facial resurfacing is a great option for reducing the appearance of scarring, including acne scarring, and fine lines and wrinkles, even deep lines and wrinkles. As with any medical procedure, if you are considering Active FX, you should have all your facts straight and be sure to consult with your doctor.

Myth: Facial Laser Treatments Require Multiple Treatments to Achieve Results

Fact:Facial resurfacing with Active FX is completed in one treatment session, and takes only about 30 minutes. The procedure is done in your doctor's office, and no repeat treatments are necessary to achieve desired results.

Myth: I Will Have to Take a Lot of Time off from Work for Recovery

Fact:The recovery time after facial resurfacing with Active FX is minimal. It is generally recommended that you give yourself 5-7 days to recover and achieve full results. However, some patients recover between 3-5 days. Check with your doctor on his recommended recovery time, but it is usually little more than a long weekend.

Myth: If You Currently Get Injectible Skin Treatments for Wrinkles and Lines, You Can't Get Active FX

Fact: Active FX procedures can be combined with other facial skin procedures, including injectibles, peels and other types of skin resurfacing. Schedule an appointment with your doctor to plan out the best course of action to achieve the most gratifying results.

Myth: You Have to Get the Active FX Procedure Done Once a Month

Fact: The results produced by an Active FX facial resurfacing procedure can last several years with proper skin care, including sun protection. This means less trips to the doctor, less procedures, less money spent, no needles and longer lasting results.

Myth: Active FX is Only for Older Women that Have Deep Wrinkles and Lines

Fact: While Active FX is a great option for older women as a method of skin rejuvenation, Active FX is also a great option for younger women to remove dark spots, acne scars or other scarring, fine lines and wrinkles. If you start facial resurfacing at a younger age, and continue it in a few years, you will see more results because the second procedure will be more of a maintenance procedure than starting at the point of deep wrinkles.

Myth: It Will Take Months to See Any Results

Fact: Results from an Active FX treatment are usually evident in about a week. Your damaged skin will probably flake away in about two days after simply doing a gentle skin regimen, and by around days 3-5 you should be able to wear make-up. So just as you are recovered and ready to return to work, you will be able to notice results.

Myth: Laser Treatments Are Painful

Fact:Facial resurfacing with Active FX is not painful. Patients report that after the procedure their face feels as if it is sunburned. Any pinkness of the skin should be gone in about a week, and you will probably be able to wear make-up in about 5 days.

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