Fraxel re:pair

What is Fraxel re:pair?

The Fraxel re:pair system, released in 2008 is the latest in the Fraxel laser technology series. This laser offers the ability to get deep into the dermis, treating issues that are deeper in the skin. The Fraxel re:pair system provides a minimally invasive approach to treatments that were once more invasive and extensive along with a relativly short recovery period. Patients are thus able to treat skin disorders such as unwanted skin pigmentations, mottled or blotchy skin marks that cover the face, deep skin wrinkles, and others.

As Fraxel introduces the re:pair system, it welcomes in the FDDA, or fractional deep dermal ablation, which aids in the resurfacing and rejuvenation of skin which has been marred by various types of blemishes and marks. Fraxel may soon be FDA approved for the treatments of acne scars and atrophic scaring which occurs on various areas of the body. It is with the intention to offer the most state-of-the-art and minimally invasive treatment for these skin conditions that Fraxel re:pair was made. Patients are now able to enjoy healing times that are far reduced via a procedure focused on creating a minimal amount of discomfort while at the same time enjoying the satisfaction of even more radiant skin.

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