Fraxel Repair for Women

Fraxel Repair is a fractionated laser treatment where a portion of the skin is removed and the skin is tightened.  With the Fraxel Repair laser beams, the collagen is altered to perform this tightening effect.

Recommended Age and Benefits of Fraxel

The recommended age for Fraxel Repair treatment is 45 or older. Studies have shown dramatic results for reducing brown and red patches of the skin, as well as age spots. The areas of discoloration are lightened with more even skin tone. Reports show that great success is achieved for moderate to deep wrinkles. This treatment gives the results of a face lift without the need for surgery. Many women experience improved skin texture with smaller pores and more even skin after the Fraxel Repair treatment.

Number of Treatments and Downtime

The desired results can be achieved with only one treatment session. The recovery time for Fraxel Repair is a few days of scabbing and 7 to 10 days of redness. The downtime duration is most commonly one week.

Reports state that Fraxel Repair is somewhat painful. A strong numbing gel is often applied for about one hour before the treatment. Many women feel that because only one treatment is necessary, it's worth the slight increase of pain to achieve the desired results.

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