How FotoFacial/IPL Works

FotoFacial IPL is a revolutionary therapy for rejuvenating the skin by ridding it of common flaws like acne scars, spots caused by exposure to the sun and other pigmentation issues, broken blood vessels, sun damage, and rosacea. This treatment is available through licensed skin care professionals and is one of the newest technologies in skin care today. FotoFacial treatments are done with a device that uses light pulses to penetrate to the deepest layer of skin to remove damaged skin and encourage new collagen production to replace that damaged skin. The light pulses utilized are created by a computer-controlled device that uses nitrogen to create plasma which in turn produces heat. A FotoFacial Intense Light Therapy (IPL) system has three different computer-controlled devices, each with different levels of skin penetration designed to treat a different type of skin problem.

PhotoDerm VL

The problems that are treated with this IPL device are vascular lesions such as spider veins, varicose veins, and vascular-related birthmarks. The targeted area is the blood's hemoglobin, which is responsible for the pigment of the blood and the dark appearance of the veins. The FotoFacial light pulse uses a preset wavelength to heat the problem blood vessels. This process destroys the dark area without harming the surrounding healthy skin.

PhotoDerm PL

This treatment targets skin pigment problems like age spots, dark birthmarks, freckles, and any other abnormal skin discolorations. These discolored areas on the skin are caused by too much melanin. The light treatment gets rid of these over-pigmented areas.

PhotoDerm HR and EpiLight

This type of treatment uses special filters to damage hair follicles in areas where unwanted hair grows. The IPL light zeroes in on the follicles and once they are destroyed, they fall out. Because of the cycle of hair growth, several treatments may be required. FotoFacial IPL therapy works to correct other skin flaws like enlarged pores, the appearance of dark circles underneath the eyes, old acne scars, and chronic redness. In every treatment, once the problem areas are destroyed by the light pulses, the body begins to produce collagen to fill in those areas and eventually the skin becomes firmer and more evenly toned. Since IPL treatments are non-laser and designed to cause minimal damage so that recovery time can be minimal, several treatments may be required to completely correct the problem, depending on the severity.
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