Initial and Long Term Results of Active FX

Before making a final decision to receive Active FX, you need to make sure that you have a full understanding of all aspects of this treatment. Discuss the procedure of laser resurfacing with your doctor, and know its capabilities, limitations and risk factors, so that you will have a realistic picture of what to expect as an outcome of this treatment.

Initial Results

The CO2 laser has the ability to induce an instant tightening effect on your skin so that immediately after the procedure, you will feel your skin become taut. This benefit from the treatment will be more apparent after you have completed the healing process.

About a week after treatment, you will start seeing more notable improvements gradually become visible. The surface of your skin should look tighter and smoother. Your pore size should become smaller. You should notice a significant reduction of surface fine lines and wrinkles, as well as previously existing skin discolorations. Some deeper wrinkles may have softened, but Active FX is not as effective for deep layered conditions.

Improvements will become increasingly more notable, and full results will show in about 6 weeks.

Long Term Results

The stimulated collagen growth and bonding will continue over time, and long term results of rejuvenation and youth can last as long as 2 years after treatment. If proper care is taken after treatment to minimize your exposure to the sun and other environmental hazards, these results can be made to last even longer.  

Active FX is specifically designed to treat large areas of superficial skin conditions, giving you a revitalized appearance. It will not be effective for malformations that are deeply embedded. A correct understanding of its true capabilities will lead you to make the most befitting choice.

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