Initial and Long Term Results of Fraxel Repair

Fraxel Repair gives patients instant results that improve over time. This particular Fraxel laser based treatment serves as the most powerful and intensive option available, generally offer the most dramatic effects in the shortest periods of time. With little downtime and effective function, Fraxel Repair acts as a multi-beneficial skin rejuvenation option.

Initial Results

After the treatment concludes, patients will see immediate results, but this greatly depends on the type of condition targeted. For example, those who undergo full facial treatments for wrinkle reduction tend to wait longer periods of time before prominent results occur. Plus, with larger areas of treatment, more downtime and irritation will occur.

Usually, smaller pigmentation corrections and fine line elimination results become visible immediately following a single Fraxel Repair treatment session.

Long Term Results

Some treatable conditions require longer procedural sessions and usually take longer to show results. Treating large areas covered with vast amounts of uneven pigmentation will generally get taken care of in one treatment, but desirable effects will take longer periods of time to develop.

Also, due to the fractional resurfacing method used in Fraxel treatments like the Repair option, every patient’s skin reacts differently to the laser mechanisms used during the procedure. The natural self healing process sometimes takes days, weeks or months depending on both the patient and the condition treated.

Other Information

The combination of immediate and improving results provided by Fraxel Repair helps patients achieve their skin rejuvenation goals. Virtually, all of the results in skin resurfacing treatments get controlled by the patient’s natural ability to grow back the targeted regions of dermal layers.

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