Initial and Long Term Results of Triniti

If you're considering Triniti laser facial and neck skin treatment, one of the biggest factors in your decision should be whether or not you'll be happy with the results. Knowing what to expect right after treatment and in the long term can give you realistic expectations.

Initial Results

After the first 40- to 90-minute session, you may notice slightly more even-toned and tightened skin, but you mustn't expect a dramatic result just yet. The Triniti treatments begin with a 3-session minimum and sometimes require as many as 5 sessions before optimal results are achieved. After the first session, you may notice some discolored spots and scars are actually darker than they used to be. This is a normal result of the cells breaking down and reproducing, and you should see improvement within one week.

Long Term Results

Expect to see much more even-toned and tighter skin after three to five sessions (working on eliminating jowls or wrinkles on the neck usually requires more sessions) set 2 to 3 weeks apart. However, because the treatment encourages faster new cell production and prolonged collagen production, you can continue to see better results, even weeks after your last initial session. In order to keep the skin looking more even-toned and youthful, your cosmetic specialist may recommend followup sessions, usually just one every 6 months.

Triniti can and often does result in dramatically more even-toned and youthful-looking skin, but be aware that one session is not enough to see remarkable results. If you keep up with the treatments, you'll notice improving skin even after the initial three sessions.

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