Most Common Uses of Blue Light Therapy

Blue Light therapy is a multipurpose treatment commonly used for treatment of acne. It has a number of other uses as well.If you're looking for a non-invasive and risk free treatment, Blue Light therapy may be suitable for you. It has a large range of uses along with the usual treatment of acne. Some of the most common uses of Blue Light therapy are the following:


Acne affects 90% of adolescents and adults at some point in their life. It mainly occurs due to the infection caused by P. acnes bacteria in the excessive sebum released by sebaceous glands. Pimples, lesions, blackheads, whiteheads and cysts are all different forms of acne that patients may or have experienced at some time.

The bacterium which causes the acne inflammations produces tiny molecules known as porphyrins. When Blue Light is targeted on porphyrins, they produce free radicals that help in killing the original bacteria. Once the bacteria are removed, the inflammation and the acne is cleared up. Blue Light therapy has certain blue wavelengths of light that are toxic for these bacteria. Treatment sessions last from 15 to 20 minutes and are required to be done in series over a few weeks. In various patients, lesions have been found to be reduced up to 80% within the first few sessions. A photosensitizing solution may be applied to the skin before the treatment, to allow the light to be easily absorbed.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks have affected millions of people around the world who are still looking for an effective solution. Many women get stretch marks in their lower abdomen after the pregnancy period. Stretch marks can also result due to changes in the body's shape due to weight gain. Blue Light can effectively treat various stretch marks anywhere on the body. Additional topical creams may be required pre-treatment, to aid the process of stretch mark removal.

Spider Veins

Another common use of Blue Light therapy is removal of spider veins. These are purple or red colored veins that emerge on the skin's surface, usually near the legs. When blood gets collected in weak arteries, they become enlarged and begin to appear on the skin's surface. In the US, around 45% of the men and 55% of women are affected by this condition. Blue Light therapy is known for easily curing spider veins. With the help of special wavelengths, these veins are reduced back to their original size and ultimately removed from the skin's surface. However, the final results may begin to show only over a long duration of treatment sessions.

Other than the primary use of combating acne, Blue Light therapy has been known to have other common uses as well.

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